TODAY, the L'Académie française committee announced that the French language will officially adopt the word "le" from next week onward. The extremely popular word, which was coined by a talented rage comic artist back in 2008, became an instant Internet sensation when the good sirs of Reddit decided that it would be pretty hilarious to use it as a substitute for the word "the".

"We have been looking for a word like this for a while now", said General Secretary Hélène Carrère d'Encausse. "Before now, we've only had 'la' and 'les', with nothing to use for masculine objects. It wasn't until the Mens Rights movement on Reddit complained about the lack of masculinity in the French language that we decided to get our act together. I met with a number of them and we discussed their concerns about the French matriarchy and the overwhelming sense of oppression that they feel. Later on, during a riveting conversation about memes, the guy with the Misfits t-shirt decided to take out his Android so that he could show me some of his favourite rage comics. It was then that I spotted the usage of the word. The rest, as they say, is history."


  1. Le langage cesse enfin d'oppresser les hommes.

  2. I can't... even tell if this article is fake or not. I can't tell if this whole website is a joke. It's all too radical to be real.