We've trawled through the Interwebz in order to bring you the best Gifs-With-Sound of the week! ^___^ (that's a Japanese emoticon, just in case you don't understand the concept of being accepting of other people's culture). We've got everything, from catchy songs about fedoras to historical footage showing the first documented usage of the term "Friend Zone." So kick back, get the popcorn out and enjoy!

Top Gifs-With-Sound of the Week

The Pipe Smoking Skeptic puts Christians in their place.

Le Reddit has finally released it's official music anthem. The song can be purchased via Bitcoin, Dogecoin or LeNewMemeNiceMayMayManCoin.

Adam the Alien is as zany as ever as he sings us a song about fedoras being awesome!

JustKiddingFilms explains the Friend Zone.

A piece of history: Joey from Friends makes the first-ever recorded reference to the "Friend Zone". Only 90s kids will remember this one.

And finally - a smash hit rap song from 3euphoric5u, who was recently signed by Death Row Records.


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