Newly-registered Reddit user William Hughes was immediately banned from Reddit's r/funny subreddit last night after he inadvertently submitted something that was genuinely funny.

While speaking to one of our reporters from Neckbeard News, the North Carolinian teenager stated that he had absolutely no idea that posting humorous content was against the rules of the popular subreddit. "I found a picture of something that made me laugh out loud and I thought 'Hey! You know what? Maybe the good folks over on r/funny will enjoy this!'", sighed the college student, as he struggled to hide his disappointment. "Unfortunately, it looks as though I've made the mistake of assuming that the name of a subreddit provides some sort of indication about the type of content that can be posted there."

After being pressed to comment on the banning, one of the moderators responded by saying that the subreddit "wasn't set up in order to house humorous content." "If Hughes had bothered to read our sidebar, he would have known that we take an extremely tough stance on anything that could potentially make people laugh. The rules are as clear as day and every single one of our moderators has been given the exact same instructions. If a submission makes you laugh, smile or blow hot air out of your nose, then it should be terminated with extreme prejudice." When asked why he decided to call the subreddit "r/funny", the moderator in question told us that it was his first "foray into the world of experimental irony." "It's avant-garde, dude. It's edgy and it's fresh. I mean, think about it for just a second. What is more ironic than a subreddit called r/funny that doesn't contain any funny content? You might not realize it, but the people that you see posting stuff to our subreddit are actually performance artists. They're in on the act and they certainly don't want to have their art work ruined by something as ridiculously-overrated as laughter."

Upon request, the moderation team were kind enough to provide us with some submission guidelines for their subreddit, so that we could pass them on and share them with the good gentlesirs that frequent our website.

  • Do NOT submit anything that could be interpreted as being funny, humorous or hilarious.
  • Do NOT submit image macros that were created after 2002.
  • If your link can't be viewed via RES, your submission will be removed and you will be banned.
  • DO submit content that has been ripped from its original author and re-hosted on Imgur. Why the hell would I want to visit some gay-ass website, lol.
  • Creative submission titles are frowned upon. To err on the side of caution, you should find a previously-submitted title and reword it.
  • Do NOT try and be original. That is NOT what our subreddit is about.