Wisconsin, Milwaukee native Anthony Robinson started a cultural revolution yesterday when he decided to tip a waitress with his fedora instead of money. The esteemed gentlesir, who is the proud owner of a level 90 Paladin character on World of Warcraft, told our reporters at Neckbeard News that he was happy that his protest against "the preposterous social norms of Amerikkka" didn't go unnoticed. "I wanted to make a point", stated Robinson. "I wanted to let the people in power know that we're not going to play by their rules anymore."

"Why the hell are we expected to tip waitresses", asked Robinson, who is a secret member of the underground hacker group Anonymous. "When I'm at my job and I'm serving the customer a Big Mac, I sure as hell don't expect a tip - so why should they?"

After being pressed for comment, the ungrateful waitress, who asked to remain nameless, said that tips make up a large part of her overall wage. "I don't get paid minimum wage", lied the deceitful wench. "I actually rely on tips to pay the rent and put food on the table - So please forgive me if I don't appreciate the fact that some disgusting slob sheepishly tipped his fedora at me before scurrying out the door."

The harlot then went on to complain about the fact that she was forced to do the job that she is paid to do. "I wouldn't have minded if I had just brought him his food and that was that. However, this guy wanted me to cut his steak up into little tiny squares. He also requested that I remove the religious painting behind him and serve him his Mtn Dew in a god damn wine glass."


  1. First of all we make or bring you your food...most people in the restaurant business make about 3 dollars an hour plus tips and second if your gonna be an asshole make your food at home its nott that fucking hard we catter to you and make your life simple so you dont have to dirty dishes

    1. It's satire you fucking moron.

    2. Rainbow Dash is my WifeAugust 16, 2014 at 2:50 PM

      The average waitresses I encounter are so frequently beneath my intelligence that I've come to expect it. Let me repeat what I tell all waitresses before they take my order: If you want to be paid fairly, get a real job.

    3. and you sir, are what is known as "An absolute prick".

    4. Lol but you don't do the dirty dishes.... That's the bussers job. Ahahahahaha and the dish washers. You have a simple job take orders from your boss and take orders from your customers, ring it in. Take out. Bam. XD but you serving pricks can't even tip your bussers. XD

  2. It's illegal in all 50 states to pay waitstaff less than minimum wage if they're tips combined with their base wage don't add up to the minimum.

    Waitstaff who are earning less than minimum wage are working for people who are breaking federal labor laws.