The Internet was left reeling from shock last night after it was revealed that Reddit's infamous "Red Pill" subreddit started off as a creative writing exercise.

While speaking to one of our reporters at Neckbeard News, Reddit user redpillschool, who is the top moderator of /r/theredpill, stated that the subreddit started off as a place for English majors to write far-fetched stories about members of the opposite sex and that "it kind of just grew from there." "To be honest with you, I'm not entirely sure how we've managed to arrive at this point. When we set the subreddit up, we never really thought about the possibility that a bunch of crazies would jump on board and take our bullsh*t seriously", remarked the apologetic moderator. "I mean, really - Just read some of the stories that have been posted here. They're so absurd and out-of-whack with reality that only a complete tool would entertain them as fact."

When asked if he was going to delete the subreddit, redpillschool responded by telling us that it held "too much comedic value." "At one stage, I was tempted to remove all of the other moderators and make the subreddit private. However, some of the stories are so outrageous and far-fetched that it would be a shame to deprive the Internet of the laughter that they can bring."