The FDA has demanded that "The Red Pill" come packaged with new health warnings after a recent coroner's report confirmed suspicions that the drug had caused the sudden death of a man in his early twenties.

The report, which was released yesterday, concluded that Ohio native Benjamin Miller had passed away due to "the effects of sexual exhaustion", which was brought on by weeks of unspeakable acts of debauchery. According to officials, Miller, a Computer Science freshman at the University of Cincinnati, was found dead amidst a pile of scantily-clad women after he had spent the previous three days cavorting in a number of different sorority houses. "He was absolutely swimming in it", stated Cincinnati Police chief Michael Phillips. "It's a miracle that his trouser snake didn't fall off before he died."

While speaking to one of our reporters at Neckbeard News, Miller's best friend, Clive Wilson, said that The Red Pill had transformed his friend Benjamin into a "confident go-getter who was completely and utterly irresistible to every single woman that he met." "It was great for him", said Wilson. "Before his family doctor prescribed him the medication, he was a bitter virgin that was constantly being friendzoned by brainwashed feminazis and vapid wenches alike." "The Red Pill allowed him to gloss over his debilitating insecurities by providing him with the mental tools needed to portray a false sense of self-confidence."

In response to the FDA's announcement, Fedoras Against Friendzoning chairman George Hamilton has stated that "this is just another example of how the matriarchy is hell-bent on turning the United States of Amerikkka into a fascist nanny state, where the superior male species is supposed to cater for the selfish needs of women."


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