Call of Duty fanatic Adam Lewis, who is better known as XxSL4y3rSc0pEZzZ on Xbox Live, has called on Israel and Palestine to settle their differences in a quickscoping match.

"The conflict between these two clans has gone on for long enough", stated the 16 year old, who is the leader of a popular trickshotting clan called 2Kwik4u. "On one side, you have Israel, who have been spamming killstreaks for days-on-end... which takes no skill whatsoever, by the way. Then, on the other side, you have Hamas, who have been camping inside buildings like a bunch of little scrubs. I mean, really: If they want to settle this sh*t, they should do the right thing and face each other in a 1v1 quickscoping match on Rust."

The high school student, who is from Jacksonville, Florida, was also quick to point out that he would be willing to referee the match. "I can record the game with my HD PVR, just in case one of them tries to cheat. I can even livestream that sh*t on Twitch TV if there's enough interest in it."

In response to Lewis' demands, both Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh have come out and said that they are open to the idea of a quickscoping contest. "To tell you the truth, Rust is my favourite map", said Hainyeh. "There's absolutely no way that those hardscoping infidels will defeat us on it."


  1. I hope Rust isn't a neckbeard game, I would hate to delete it from my computer.

    1. Why, you have a neckbeard yourself

  2. Rust is the title of a map on Call of Duty, and is totally not related to the game by Facepunch!

  3. This I would be interested to see.