We at Neckbeard News think that meme gifs are pretty funny! In fact, we think that they are so hilarious that people should start using them in real life! Imagine how funny it would be if you interrupted a group conversation about a particular subject by showing everyone a topical reaction gif! Many lols and top keks would be had!

When somebody says "Bless you!" after I sneeze.

When I see Mormons heading towards my house.

When my ex-friend told me that he doesn't watch My Little Pony any more.

When I see a classic may may on r/AtheismRebooted.

When somebody says that they enjoy listening to rap "music".

When somebody on Facebook asks people to pray for their sick relative.

My reaction when the stranger on the subway told me that she doesn't know what a meme is.

When the atheism subreddit on Reddit banned memes, but not boring-ass articles.

When I find out that m'lady has a douche bag boyfriend.

When my mom tells me that I should stop making fun of Christianity at the dinner table.

When I read The Bible.

When I'm playing an intense game of League of Legends.

When I'm about to post a witty comeback on Facebook.

When my mom tells me to shave.

When somebody refers to my trilby as a fedora.


  1. When I read this article


  2. Calm down, we've been made aware you're a proud r/atheism warrior.

    m8 you don't need to believe in jack shit to be able to pray. Just like how it's possible to be an atheist without being an ass.

    1. Calm down, it's satire.

    2. Uhm why would an atheist pray?

  3. these may mays are older then the interblogs. good luck! Trying to get ladies to notic you by using may mays that stopped being culturally revelant twenty odd years ago! mfw old may mays are used by 'professional publicatons" http://media.tumblr.com/e37692f1f67a7b9f4892a37d9af6571b/tumblr_inline_mlryi0DuLX1qz4rgp.gif