Author: Anthony Thomas
THE WORLD'S ECONOMY IS COLLAPSING - Yet here we are, hanging on to the tragic idea that capitalism is a valid economic system. When will it change? When will the people of Amerikkka wake up and realize that the fat cat bankers and the 1% are ruining this country of ours?

It is sad to think that we live in a world where Brony hate is encouraged. A world where girls choose douche bag jocks over classy introverted gentlemen such as myself. A world where the proletariat gets trampled on by the rich.

I've said this before and I'll say it again: It has to stop!

So I ask: Instead of purchasing things with cash, why can't we switch to a barter economy that is based on fedora tipping? Not only would we be stripping the rich of their power; we'd also be incentivising classy behaviour. Would a jock be able to purchase swag fag regalia if he wasn't wearing a fedora? No! Would the consumerist-driven masses be able to carry on like sheep, mindlessly sucking up iPhones and Call of Duty Crappy games? Of course not!

Now is the time for us to start fixing our future. If we don't, capitalism will slowly devour us all.


  1. This is the best way to improve our economy, get industrial production back, and eliminate the top 0.01% who OPPRESS THE EUPHORIC COMMUNITY!

  2. Enlightened gentlesirs need not support plebeian scum like the 99%. We are captains of industry held down by filthy statists and women. As youtube videos from Stefan Molyneux showed me, we don't need economics books (just like the fundies bibles amirite?), we just need to use logic and reason by freeing the market and it'll all work out. It's proven to be the most efficient way to distribute My Little Pony toys and M'ountain Dew!

  3. what the actual fuck