DJ Sagan's album is a refreshing mix of hardcore gangsta rap and underground Venezuelan flute music. With hard-hitting lyrics such as "I got the God patrol on the fedora patrol, Fundies that wanna make sure that my casket's closed", it's no wonder that the Christian Right have been actively trying to destroy his blossoming rap career.

"Legun" is the latest album by hacker group Anonymouse. With songs such as "Expoct Us" and "Row Row Fight the Powah!", "Legun" is sure to be a hit! Our favourite lyrics from the album:

Step to us and you'll be the victim of a raid.
Steal our memes?! Boy, you better be afraid!

Mememaster Jay is at it again, and this time around, he's not pulling any punches! With songs such as "Scumbag Stacey" and "Feminism Must Die", it's easy to see why the matriarchy is trying to shut him down! Our favourite lyrics come from the song "Friendzone me twice, shame on you!":

You friendzoned me and left me for a stupid jock,
The next time I see you, I'm gonna show you my glock,
...on Call of Duty, because that's the game that I be playin',
While you're out at church engaging in something as silly as prayin'